Just a brief history of my accolades

2nd Runner UP


Designed an Application for all Players in the medical industry in blockchain and a complete Medical Record Handling System with a web application

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Chairman's Trophy

It was a great honour to receive this Trophy. it is awarded to the student with exceptional performance in a particular batch of BBPS. It is credited to the fact for bringing laurels to schools in fields of Technology and Science.

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2nd Runner up

Nasa Space Apps Challenge

Designed Globe Trotter Application for NASA Space Apps, where we integrated NASA API with there worldwind project in JS and made a Visualisation System

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F1 In Schools

This was one of the hardest journey’s I took in any STEM competitions I ever did. Evidently, the goal was to create a model F1 car from Balsa block. it was powered by a CO2 cannister which gave it thrust like a rocket. The design of the car required a lot of specifications.

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Tech Hunt Junior @ IIT Bombay

This was a huge competition held Nationally in December of 2012. Its Regional round was organized in IIT Delhi and National round in IIT Bombay. The competition was to design a product, innovation or a solution for the community. The competition was similar to shark tank but here it judged your ingenuity and innovation instead of marketability.

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CBSE National Science Exhibition

I had been rooting for this competition since 8th standard and 10th standard but never got the opportunity to make it to the Nationals Level. But then in 11th Standard, It supposedly happened due to an indigenous creative idea to solve the hunger problem of the country made a project named pilferage free Public Distribution System which won in nationals.

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