shreshth arora

hey 👋, i'm shreshth!

Shreshth Arora

I'm a problem solver at heart, who loves build things. hopefully making an impact along the way.

I was into building miniature F1 cars at the of 13, but here is a more recent history: worked as a data engineer in a crypto compliance company, worked at a creator economy social application, built college web-applications. Have participated in 10+ hackathons, won 3 of them. Lead developer communities and inter college hackathon teams.

Have a stack of 100+ certificates all during my life in domains like tech, innovation, robotics, electronics, elocution and theatre.

a short story of major things what I have been upto:

12-13: designed miniature F1 cars and made it fastest in the challenge.

14: Designed a GPS enabled peizo electric shoe and won an innovation competition IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi

16-17: Won CBSE National Science Exhibition and won first from 500 competing teams.

18-21: Hackathon hunting spree and went on a “building every idea in just one weekend syndrome”. Participated in 10+ hacks and won at IIIT Delhi, University of Queensland and Nasa Space Apps.

21 : Built an internal college web-application with 1L hits and 800 users

22: Joined a creator economy startup and built new features and observability lead to a 100% increase in GMV

22-23: Joined a crypto compliance company and dived into distributed computing and did data plumbing that saved the company $XX0K in annual engineering costs while decreasing ETL failures.

I have a knack for competition and a track record of consistently building things all my life with a thirst for real challenge.

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places I have worked at

merkle science

merkle science

predictive crypto risk company

data engineering


a tool for creators to monetize audience

backend engineering
experential learning center, tiet

experential learning center, tiet

digital logbook for students and profs

full stack
brave orbit

brave orbit

helped accelerate startups engineering teams

full stack

wanna build something with me or just wanna say hi?